Real Estate Signage

Technology & Innovation

We’re not your average signage company. We have technology and innovation built into everything we do.

From the very beginning, our focus has been on innovation and technology to create industry leading processes, that not only offer our customers premium signage solutions in the most cost and time efficient way, but ones that support our team to provide customer service that is second to none.

Creating operating efficiencies and quality output beyond comparison.

Our innovative processes and machinery not only make ordering and production quicker and easier, the quality of the signage we produce is beyond comparison.

Unique software and technology

Working closely with our real estate and property partners over the years, we understood their unique challenge of creating and installing large weekly volumes of real estate signs for their vendors.

So we addressed it.

Developing the first ever automated robots and systems in our industry, we revolutionised the field.

Our one-of-a-kind machines were specifically created to suit our processes, allowing us to produce and install huge weekly volumes of real estate signs with industry-leading quality, precision, and efficiency – all at the best price.

We are the first and only signage company to engage a robotic process that produces Automated Wrap-Around Real Estate Boards up to 6 x 8, and E3 Prestige Real Estate Boards up to 12 x 8. Both boards are printed using just one piece of material, free from joins or overlaps both horizontally and vertically. The result? An enviably seamless finish. And it doesn’t stop there.

Technology drives every step of the real estate board production process:

Online portal

Our dedicated online portal designed specifically for our Real Estate and Developer clients allows them to login, customise their pre-designed templates with relevant property detail and order their real estate boards.

Production commences with automated robots

The online orders get added to our automated system and is on the press and in production almost instantly through our controlled automation process. Our robots then deliver accurate and precisely printed wrap-around real estate boards.

Driver technology

We use Telogis Route Optimisation software to assign jobs to drivers and calculate the most efficient route to site. This enables us to deliver and install your boards as quickly as possible.

Live signage asset register

Our online portal also provides the complete picture of your signage assets from one simple to use platform, including sizes, specification and board locations. This is also where you can request boards to be removed.

Flatbed Technology

Our flatbed printing technology allows direct to material printing, removing the need to print on vinyl which then gets applied to various materials. Our flatbed printer prints to various materials including corflute, ACM, acrylic, timber and glass – just to name a few.

This technology delivers pinpoint drop placement, precise registration and no waste edge-to-edge printing. So not only does it produce high quality signage, but it also saves time and labour – making it cheaper and quicker to produce for our customers

Water-based Printing Technology

Our innovative HP Latex printers produces high-quality signage with 6-colour printing. With previous solvent printing technology, signage would need an extensive amount of time to dry (called ‘degassing’). Our water based printers significantly reduce the amount of drying time, which means they are ready to laminate almost instantly.
Latex is also versatile and durable across a vast number of materials including self-adhesive vinyl, banner, mesh etc. so it is used in many sign applications, whilst also providing the environmental advantages of odorless water-based inks.

This means signage is produced quicker and cheaper for our customers – all whilst reducing the impact on the environment.

Router Cutter

Our world-class Router Cutter offers great speed, power and flexibility for signage, display and packaging.

When combined with our flatbed printing technology (with artwork printed directly onto materials), the router cutter then takes over the job to crease, cut and mill the material – creating a seamless process from design through to the final product.

This means that signage is produced faster and more efficiently – with less room for error. The outcome? Cheaper and more premium signage for our customers.

Signage Register

Available to all of our long-term clients, we offer complimentary access to our live online signage asset register.
Each client portal is maintained by our expert project management and installation teams and provides a complete snapshot of all your signage assets, including location, sizes, and specifications – all in one simple to use platform.
This means signage is easier to keep track of, update and brief to your creative design teams, without having to trawl through your internal artwork files to locate signage sizes etc. A game-changer!

Contact us to discuss your signage requirements today.

Our innovative processes mean we have more time to spend on you – our customers. Our service will always exceed expectations.