Real Estate Signage

Real Estate Signage

Briner has been providing custom signage solutions to real estate agents, developers, and commercial property businesses for over 80 years.

80 years in the industry

Victoria’s most reputable
real estate signage company

Briner has been providing custom signage solutions to real estate agents, developers, and commercial property businesses for nearly 80 years.

Our aim has always been to create systems and processes that better the experience for our customers – including the speed of signage production, quality of output, competitive pricing, and customer service that exceeds expectations.


Years of experience

Revolutionising the signage industry

Working closely with our real estate and property partners over the years, we set our sights on revolutionising the signage industry with the development of our automated robots and systems. 

These one-of-a-kind machines specifically designed to suit our processes, allow us to produce and install large weekly volumes of real estate signs with industry-leading quality, precision, and efficiency – all at the best price. 

Our online portal allows our real estate and property customers to design and order their real estate boards, with our automated robots moving the order into production almost instantly. 

We are the first and only signage company to engage a robotic process that produces Automated Wrap-Around Real Estate Boards and E3 Prestige Real Estate Boards up to 6 x 8 (horizontally and vertically) from just one piece of material, free from joins or overlaps. The result? An enviably seamless finish.

From design through to installation

We are a full-service real estate signage company. From design, through to printing, production, finishing and even installation – it is all managed in-house. This is just another way we ensure guarantee premium quality and service – because nothing is out of our control.

Our real estate boards can be manufactured and printed in just one day.
Contact us today to discuss your real estate or property signage needs.


Our real estate boards are a cut above when it comes to quality signage for your home listings.

Using the latest technology to produce outstanding image quality with vibrant tones, Briner’s Real Estate signage communicates the right message to potential buyers.

Our signage solutions include:

E3 Prestige Real Estate Boards

Premium, contemporary real estate boards that are highly durable and lightweight for easy installation, with a seamless matte finish.

Low Lux TM Illuminated Real Estate Boards

Low Lux TM illuminated real estate board offering 24-hour exposure for your property listing - exclusively patented to Briner.

Automated Wrap Around Real Estate Boards

Economical, durable, and professional real estate boards finished with a clear coat laminate to ensure its pristine condition.

Window Signage

Vinyl is a low-cost, intelligent solution that can be applied to a range of outdoor surfaces and windows – either internally or externally.


A-frames offer a portable, lightweight, and versatile signage solution for a variety of applications.

Unique software and technology

At Briner, we have efficient technology systems built into everything we do.

Our innovative processes not only make ordering and production quicker and easier, the quality of the signage we produce is beyond comparison.

More specifically, when it comes your real estate signage – our automated robots get your board into production as soon as your order from the online portal hits the system.

Our innovative processes mean we have more time to spend on you – our customers. Our service will always exceed expectations. Contact us to discuss your signage requirements today.

Online portal

Our online portal allows clients to login, customise their pre-designed templates with relevant property detail and order their real estate boards.

Production commences with automated robots

The online orders get added to our automated system and is on the press and in production almost instantly through our controlled automation process. Our robots deliver accurate and precisely printed wrap-around real estate boards.

Driver technology

We use Telogis Route Optimisation software to assign jobs to drivers and calculate the most efficient route to site. This enables us to deliver and install your boards as quickly as possible.

Complimentary live signage asset register

Our complimentary live signage asset register provides the complete picture of your signage assets from one simple to use platform, including sizes, specification and board locations.