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Vehicle Signage

Vehicle signage is the ideal solution for mobile promotion. Wherever your vehicle goes, so does your advertising. It is a highly effective promotional tool for your business that will be seen by potentially thousands of people over its lifetime.

Vehicle signage offers a high reach, high impact advertising solution for your business – so getting it right is absolute necessity.

The design of your vehicle signage is critical to ensure messaging is both memorable and easy to read. This includes your logo size and position, and the accuracy and vibrancy of your brand colours. Your vehicle model will also determine the size and layout of your graphics. We will work with you to ensure each of these considerations are reflected in the design.  

All signage is applied using specialty vehicle vinyl and overlaminate. One way vision stickers (applied to windows only) enables stunning graphics to be displayed without obscuring the vision from inside the vehicle. For a temporary option, we also have magnets that can be applied to the car to display graphics and brand messaging. 

Sizing and Specifications

  • Entirely customised, no one size fits all approach
  • Printed on specialty vehicle vinyl with overlaminate and applied carefully to your vehicle
  • A variety of solutions depending on your budget and brand objectives

Key Features

  • High reach
  • Relatively inexpensive considering the cost of other forms of out-of-home advertising
  • High cut-through if executed correctly

Contact us today to discuss your vehicle signage requirements.

We will work with you on a solution that satisfies your branding requirements in not just maintaining the visibility of your logo, but in the application of your colours and in creating messaging that is memorable and effective.