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Pace of Abbotsford

The signage for PACE Development Group’s upcoming project at 358 Johnson Street, Abbotsford seemed simple enough – paint the façade black and manually sign write the logo and apply panels. However, implementation of this signage was not straightforward and required meticulous planning as well as reliance on good weather conditions.

The Briner graphics team worked from a scissor lift that was placed on the footpath which then meant that pedestrians were re-directed to the bus lane which was closed off for two days. A planning permit for the signage was required from the City of Yarra, and in addition to this a road occupancy permit was needed to block off the bus lane. The permit was issued on the provision that the lane was only closed from 9am to 3pm for the two days permitted – considering the set-up and pack-up time, this created for a very short timeframe to complete the job.

To add another level of pressure, had it rained during the job, the Briner team would have had to completely stop and then apply for an extension to the road occupancy permit so that the job could be completed.

With a little cooperation from mother nature, the job was completed on time and with minimal disruption to the public. Pace of Abbotsford now has great promotional signage for their new development.

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