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The Must-Do Signage Checklist

Mistakes happen, but as a business owner that’s the last thing you want to hear, particularly when you know they could have been avoided. Time and again though, you can see common mistakes being made in signage that become glaringly obvious once they’re installed. Make sure to check off these items before installing your next sign.

Check spelling and grammar
The embarrassment of a spelling or grammar mistake is enough to make any business owner red in the face. Even if at first glance the text appears correct, always have more than one person check the copy, and even say it aloud to make certain that it sounds right.

Minimise the amount of copy
People may only have a split second to read your signage, so make it concise and/or catchy and balance it with your sign’s imagery.

Create a clear call-to-action
Your call-to-action should feature prominently on your sign. Like the rest of your copy, make it clear, concise and eye-catching for passers-by.

Choose the right type of signage
Consider whether your signage needs to be visible at night as well as during the day. An illuminated sign may be the right solution for you in this case, and can serve as a nice feature for the outside of your premises.

Where the sign is being placed is also an important consideration, in terms of how many people will see it and the demographics of those people.

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