Real Estate Signage

Low LuxTM Illuminated Real Estate Boards

Presenting property in its best light.

Our Low LuxTM Illuminated Real Estate Boards are one of our most professional and sophisticated signage solutions, offering 24-hour exposure for your property listing or real estate agency.

Developed as part of our ongoing commitment to technology and innovation, our exclusively patented Low LuxTM Illuminated Real Estate board is different to any other illuminated board on the market.

Internally illuminated at appropriate levels, our Low LuxTM board will complement your real estate campaign and highlight the property without being a bright annoyance in the street.

Solar powered by a timer to control illumination duration; our Low LuxTM Real Estate Boards can last for up to twenty one days with limited sunlight – perfect for our unpredictable Melbourne weather!

Choose our Low LuxTM Illuminated Real Estate Boards and present your property in the best possible light – day and night.

Available in the following sizes:

  • 4 x 8 (1200mm x 2400mm)
  • 6 x 8 (1800mm x 2400mm)

Key Features:

  • One seamless piece of premium banner material in matte finish (no joins)
  • Internally illuminated with levels that are safe to the public – avoiding over-lighting and glare
  • Built-in timer to control illumination duration
  • Solar powered – suitable for 7 days of illumination with limited sunlight using A+ Grade Module solar panels
  • Waterproof cables with IP65 waterproof connectors
  • Australian Innovation Patent Approved

Briner Low LuxTM Illuminated Board

  • Up to 7 days of solar illumination
  • Light level sensor and automatic timer to control illumination duration and timing
  • Waterproof cable with IP65 waterproof connectors
  • A+ Grade tempered glass solar panels
  • Custom designed LED strips
  • Approved Australian Innovation Patent
  • Levels of illumination accepted by Council

The Briner Advantage

Our service includes:

  • Template design
  • User-friendly online portal for easy ordering and signage management
  • Automated printing technology resulting in quality boards installed promptly on site
  • In-house installation team

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