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Briner and marketing agency, Savi Communications, worked together on the fitout of Pavilion Green’s display suite to give it a look that really makes you stop and pay attention.

When you enter the display suite, you’re met by 3D fabricated lettering which adds impact when light is shone upon it. The shadows from the lettering create a subtle illusion of depth.

Within the display area, the floorplans, renders and lifestyle images are all highlighted by metal frames which emit a green LED light to give the images an extra punch. Your eye is instantly drawn to them and it’s hard to look away.    

We’ve been creating great projects like this with Savi for over 10 years and we owe it all to the amazing service of our project managers.

“Savi Communications has been dealing with Daryl Craven and Dan Ross at Briner for over 10 years and the relationship has been built on a foundation of success. Nothing is ever too hard and they have gone over and above on so many occasions. We hope that our relationship builds on its existing success and continues long into the future. At Savi we have a strong focused strategy of putting the customer at the heart of everything we do. Daryl, Dan and the team behind them also take a similar stance towards customer focus and I believe this has been the foundation of their success for so many years. Thank you for all your support.”

Michelle Savona, Director

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