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Why quality signage matters

If you’re managing a development project, a retail store or a listing, quality is an important consideration for you with respect to everything that you do – whether it be your products, finishes or presentation. Signage should be no exception.

Why it matters
For one, quality signage made with better quality materials is going to stand the test of time and last longer, especially outdoors. High quality laminate for example can bear the brunt of the natural elements so you don’t have to be concerned with your sign crumbling at the slightest hint of rain.

Secondly, but just as important, is the safety of the sign. Quality sign manufacturing should be matched by quality installation ensuring it abides by OHS standards and is securely installed to remove any risk of the sign potentially harming members of the public.

Visually, a sign produced via quality printing processes just simply looks better.

What makes for a quality sign
A quality sign is one that is built to exact specifications, it’s not something that’s just pulled off a shelf. It’s the right sign for the job.

Your sign should also be made with high quality materials, like fade-resistant colours, to ensure that it lasts longer, and installed correctly with high standards of safety in mind.

This rope track banner produced and installed by Briner for the First National Ringwood office is designed to last and is perfectly suited to its use on the side of the building.

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