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Why you should invest in outdoor signage

Even with the salience of online advertising, and all other forms of traditional advertising, outdoor signage remains one of the most effective means of promotion.

For someone who may walk or drive past your sign to work every day, they are great for reinforcing your brand message and aiding recall when it comes time to make a purchase decision.

Among other things, the benefits of outdoor signage include:


Compared with other forms of traditional advertising, outdoor advertising can be displayed 24 hours a day without competing for space with other advertisers, nor does it have to compete with other content, as is the case with online advertising.


The ease of making an outdoor sign should not be overlooked. Using Briner’s technology, we can design, create and install a sign with very quick turnaround. A simple logo, clever copy and call-to-action may be all you need for your campaign or business.

This large 8mx14m banner installed on St. Kilda Rd was floodlit with half a dozen lights along the top and became a prominent feature along the boulevard. It was a simple, yet impactful, display that drew a lot of attention along a busy corridor of the city.     

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