Community and partnerships

Briner are proud partners and supporters of selected charity and community groups who work tirelessly to make a difference to those in our community who have been affected by illness and tragedy. 

World class operating practices


Briner’s team of qualified and experienced staff provide a safe approach to installing and maintaining signage.

We adhere to strict industry standards to ensure the welfare and wellbeing of our staff and the general public.

OH & S Checklist

Installation Equipment / Permits & Info / Liaison with Authorities Required:

Access – Ladder
Access – EWP Scissor
Access – EWP Boom
Safety Harness & Lanyard
Lanyard anchor point clips
Traffic Management needs
Electrical – Temporary service
Electrical – Permanent service
Town Planning Permit
Building Permit
Engineering Computations
Traffic Management Permit
Footpath Permit
No Go Zones identified Public Transport
Ground Conditions
Structure supports load
Liaise with Authorities
Building Owner
Power Supplier
U/G Service Gas Supplier
U/G Service Telstra
Local Council
Public Transport
Dial B4U Dig


Briner OH&S Compliance with:

avetta member
cm3 certificate of prequalification
browz membership certificate